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Thu, July 19, 2012

Doors: 11:30 am / Show: 11:30 am

Xfinity Center

Mansfield, MA

$42.00 adv.

This event is all ages

LOCAL STAGE IS SPONSORED BY: I'm Thirsty Entertainment, Hurt Reynolds Clothing, Break Thru Music, Charge That Sh*t

A Loss For Words
A Loss For Words
In a world where some bands are handed everything on a silver platter, there's also a place where there's still some hardworking folks left. Boston's own pop-punk outfit, A Loss For Words are at the top of that list. Having released 3 EPs and their full length "The Kids Can't Lose" since 2005, they are a group with unstoppable dedication, hard work, and creativity. A Loss For Words have been regarded by members of Bayside, Four Year Strong and Bane as the hardest working band out there right now. Some people are going to ask what being a hardworking band even means anymore, and those questions are warranted. In a world where Myspace plays have somehow become more important than heart, the line that separates the real from the manufactured has become more than a little blurry. A Loss For Words know where they stand in this sea of blurred lines. A Loss For Words are out there on the road touring ten months out of every year. Not only are they out there playing shows, but are watching younger bands, pushing CD's in the parking lot, shaking hands and putting on one of the most sweat-soaked and honest sets you can find. A Loss For Words sees the wall that stands between them and success and they're not stupid. They know that maybe with some cool haircuts and electric drums there might be an easier way around it, but they've picked the path they've always known, breaking away at the concrete with their bare hands and it shows. I challenge you to find another unsigned band with these achievements: toured with Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals and Polar Bear Club, sold 6000 copies of a record that no one helped them put out, and that went to Japan on a 100% DIY agenda. With A Loss For Words, the guarantee is that no matter what town you live in, these guys will be there this year ready to shake your hand, hang out, rock out and have a good time.
After The Burial
After The Burial
An uninhibited eight-stringed dual barrage of frenetic riffs and dynamic chord progression is exactly what the crushing new AFTER THE BURIAL delivers with pinpoint precision. The highly acclaimed new album, In Dreams, is quickly going to raise the bar for all others within the metal genre as this group effectively unleashes a frenzy of jaw-dropping dual guitar dynamics that is backed by a captivating energy and groove resulting in an overall unrelenting output of punishment. This Minnesota quintet is hell-bent on forging their own unique path within the extreme metal genre and In Dreams proves that they are well on their way to that very goal.

Justin (guitars) states: "We've spent the last year putting all of our hard work into this album, and we can assure you that the intricate dynamics of In Dreams will satisfy your appetite for the crushing guitars, driving drums and powerful vocals you've come to expect from us."

AFTER THE BURIAL spent the winter of 2010 touring relentlessly across North America on the "December Decimation" tour. This group has something for everyone that pleases the tech nuts while providing an entertaining stage show that is sure to always get the metalcore kids into a violent frenzy. This is a band that thrives on the road and tours relentlessly across the world non-stop. This is an extreme metal hybrid that is a voracious assault on all the senses forcing your brain to fire on all cylinders in order to process the amount of material that is currently being pounded into your ears. This is thinking man's metal and it's not for the weak minded.

AFTER THE BURIAL's highly acclaimed sophomore album, Rareform, hinted at their true potential, but In Dreams brings all of their combined talents to fruition. The disc opens with a freight train of brutality and sheer brute force busting out at the seams and never lets up on the gas for a split second. Each track will keep you on your toes guessing what might possibly be next in this never-ending array of intensity. This is essentially a roller coaster of unconventionality, so strap yourself in tight and prepare for a wild ride.

In Dreams is going to redefine the genre and position AFTER THE BURIAL as the forerunners of the new extreme progressive movement.
All Time Low
All Time Low
Hey kid you've got a lot of potential but I think it's time to move up," are the first words you hear on The Party Scene (Emerald Moon Records), the debut full length from pop punk powerhouse ALL TIME LOW. When it comes to this band no statement could ring anymore true. As says, "ALL TIME LOW has the potential to be the next Cartel or The Academy Is….Say hello to your new favorite pop punk band."
Hailing from the suburbs of Baltimore, MD the group made up of singer/guitarist Alex Gaskarth, guitarist Jack Barakat, bassist Zack Merrick, and drummer Rian Dawson simply set out to make music people appreciated and what they found was something truly special. With unforgettable melodies, explosive guitar hooks, and relentlessly driving rhythms the message in their music is loud and clear, "We're here and we're here to stay".
At the ripe old ages of seventeen and still in high school the band has already recorded their debut EP and their first full length The Party Scene was released in August. Their relentless DIY attitude and work ethic has made the record a near permanent fixture in the Smartpunk Top 20 sales list without the aid of a national distributor. "This is our life," Alex says. "There is nothing else we see ourselves doing and we're willing to do anything and everything to get where we want to be." That means daily four hour practices and weekends spent driving across the country playing for anyone who will listen.
"We love recording but being a good live band is what we've really worked so hard on," Jack explains. "We've had the chance to play with a lot of amazing bands and we've learned so many things that we've been able to incorporate into our show." ALL TIME LOW plays to packed houses at Maryland's biggest venues such as The Recher Theatre and The Ottobar, and traveled all over the country in the summer of 2005. They've shared the stage with national headliners such as Motion City Soundtrack, Acceptance, The Early November, The Receiving End of Sirens, The Academy Is…, Plain White T's, Spitalfied, and many more.
With so many accomplishments at such a young age the natural reaction is to be content with what you've achieved, but not with this group. "Put up or Shut Up, We're not wasting time again," comes roaring out of Alex's mouth on the song Breakout, Breakout. It's a defiant statement. It's a statement of confidence, desire, and singlemindedness that's guaranteed to take ALL TIME LOW as high as they want to go.
Anthony Raneri
Anthony Raneri
My name is Anthony. I play in the band Bayside and this is the page for my solo project. I was born in Queens, NY in 1982 and that's where I've stayed since. I've been playing and writing music since I was 11. I love the word "scene" when it's used as a noun and not an adjective and I'm proud to be a part of a movement. I can't spell. I don't have a solo record out. You'll have to rely on bootlegs and what not for now. I like music and sports.
The band grew out of high school practice sessions between guitarist Mike and drummer Matt, filling out the roster with singer Craig and bassist Jared to form blessthefall in 2004. They released a three-track EP in mid-2005 and added guitarist Eric to form their current lineup. Phoenix-area gigs with Greeley Estates and an openly religious orientation got the band local press and a deal with Warner subsidiary, Record Collection. The band then toured with Alesana and Norma Jean across the United States and Canada. Their debut album, His Last Walk, was released on April 10, 2007, to mixed reviews. The band completed the entire 2007 Warped Tour circuit nationwide.
Blessthefall toured with Escape The Fate, LoveHateHero, and Dance Gavin Dance on the Black On Black tour during September and October of 2007.

Blessthefall is apart of From First To Last’s fall headlining tour, entitled “RATHER BE SLAYIN’ N00BZ” starting November 1st with A Skylit Drive, and Vanna. Then after they’ll be going on tour with Silverstein, this tour is their first ever UK and European Tour, with their first UK show at the Colchester Arts Centre on Novemeber 16th 2007.
Born Of Osiris
Born Of Osiris
Some bands roll with the tide, while others generate it. Exhuming technically proficient and progressive metal, BORN OF OSIRIS exerted a seismic impact on heavy music with its trend-setting 2007 debut The New Reign only to shake things up even more on The Discovery in 2011. However, once again, the critically acclaimed Chicago six-piece will be setting a new paradigm with its highly anticipated fourth full-length album for Sumerian Records.

Teaming up with acclaimed producers Joey Sturgis [The Devil Wears Prada, Emmure] and Nick Sampson, the group is primed to explode like never before, manipulating 6-string and 7-string guitars on the same recording diversifying their writing and pushing their boundaries further than ever before.

Lee McKinney (guitars) states: “We were more focused for the writing of this record than any of our previous efforts. We've had 2+ years to write, critique, adjust and learn these songs, which is just something we haven't had in the past with our intense touring schedule. All of us living together and constantly feeding off eachother's energy made for the best and most focused BORN OF OSIRIS album to date.

BORN OF OSIRIS are mature well beyond their years and this dynamic progressive juggernaut has now perfectly honed all of their collective talents to create what will soon be a pinnacle release for the metal genre. They'll be showcasing their talents to the masses at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival all summer long, reaching yet another plateau in their already stellar career.
Breathe Carolina
Breathe Carolina
Breathe Carolina is an electro-pop duo from Denver, Colorado. Their music is comprised of synthesized beats and tag-teamed, vocoded vocals ranging from melodic harmonies to abrasive screaming. They have released one iTunes album titled "Gossip", and are soon launching their first hard-copy album, "It's Classy, Not Classic" which releases on Sept. 16th, 2008. This album will feature the songs from "Gossip" and six new additional songs. They are currently touring and playing with bands such as Brokencyde, The Morning Of, Millionaires, and The Secret Handshake!

Featuring killer lead single "Blackout"--a bevy of 80s-tinged electro melodies and hip-shakingly infectious driving beats--every inch of "Hell Is What You Make It" is designed to grab you by the hand and drag you to the dancefloor. Bring on the good times – Breathe Carolina is about to give you the time of your lives!
"Hell Is What You Make It" is out now via Fearless Records!
Brian Marquis
Brian Marquis
Snow Damage, singer/songwriter Brian Marquis' (Therefore I Am) debut six- song EP, released via Harbinger Music Group, is a heartfelt culmination of resilience, rebirth and renewal. The EP title, Snow Damage, metaphorically describes what is left when all the winter snow is melted away and the ground beneath is exposed, waiting for the rebirth of spring. Similarly, on Snow Damage, Marquis documents a point in his life where he persevered over personal challenges, got to the core of his being and experienced a renewed optimism and passion for his music.

The debut EP features a well-rounded songwriting approach, from the loud and raucous "They Used To Call It The Blues" to the soft and vulnerable "Body Work". Up and coming producer Brad Delava shared Marquis' vision to go back to his roots and make a piece of music that was not over-produced, showcasing his raw vocal talent. "I went into the studio more prepared than ever; my attitude is, if I can't sing it, I won't." says Marquis of his vocals on Snow Damage.

According to Alex DiVincenzo on, "Marquis has always been a skilled guitarist and provided pleasant backing vocals in Therefore I Am, but I was unaware of the true finesse of his voice prior to hearing his solo material." In addition to vocals and guitar, Marquis also played harmonica, lap steel, percussion and piano on the EP.

Guest appearances on Snow Damage include Erick Serna (ex- The Dear Hunter), slide guitar on "Ratt Street", Shawn Marquis (Vanna), bass on "The Way You Walk Away" and Dan Bob Goterch (Actor|Observer) percussion on tracks 1,3,5. The EP was mastered by Jeff Lipton (Bon Iver and City And Colour) and will be available on CD and limited edition colored vinyl here as well as iTunes, AmazonMP3 and all other digital retailers.
Champagne Champagne
Champagne Champagne
Champagne Champagne is Pearl Dragon and DJ Gajamagic. (AKA Mark Gajadhar formally of The Blood Brothers ) they joined forces in august of 2007 to form Champagne Champagne.

After a few months of writing songs Thomas gray joined the group on stage to complete our line up.

The only goal of the group is to make music that makes them feel good.

So Far they have released their digital only debut album.
Chunk! No Captain Chunk!
Chunk! No Captain Chunk!
You won't come across a band like Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! everyday. C!N,CC! formed in September 2007 with one goal in mind: TO MAKE FRIENDS ALL OVER THE WORLD. This 5 piece band out of Paris France not only crosses multiple borders to spread their music, but they cross genre lines as well. If you like any of the following: Pop Punk, Metal, Indie or Hardcore, you will love C!N,CC! After 30 seconds of listening to C!N,CC!, you can instantly tell that they love what they do and that they want you to be a part of their family. Under the direction of The Artery Foundation, inVogue Records (US) and Ice Grill$ (JP), you will soon see C!N,CC! all over the globe, get ready, it promises to be a wild ride.
C!N,CC! leaves you with the following message: Come to our shows, bring your friends and have a blast. IN FRIENDS WE TRUST
Cold Forty Three
Cold Forty Three
COLD FORTY THREE arrived on the scene in 2010 in a way that was seldom seen by even the most seasoned touring professionals. Joshua Cruz, Moses Cruz, and Ricky James Acosta believed that hard-work, determination and all out guerrilla marketing was the only way to achieve success. In 2008 Cold Forty Three began their touring career by booking their own shows across the country. They continued to tour in 2009 while selling their Debut album," From The Garage to Your Speakers" on their own with no distribution. In march '09 CFT did something that would establish them as a band that simply refuses to give up on any ambition they have. Without any prior bookings, they made their way to Austin TX, and the SXSW music festival. CFT was able to secure bookings that gained them good exposure, and a further desire to continue forward. In the summer of '09 Cold Forty Three decided to follow the entire Warped Tour and sell albums to the kids waiting in line, as well as play shows on their off days . CFT even sold CD's at local malls to fund their touring. CFT campaigned on the tour and on August 23, 2009 they finished in Los Angeles. CFT immediately drove back east to catch up and follow Blink 182, on their reunion tour, in Camden, New Jersey. CFT sold CD's and promoted themselves before and after every Blink 182 show until Pelham Alabama. Upon arriving in Alabama the band decided to tour back home to Los Angeles, where they arrived in December. The year 2010 brought forth the same determination and the band embarked once again on tour in January all the way through May, building a fan base that has grown with each passing month. In June 2010 CFT decided to once again follow the Warped Tour and the band set a goal to do whatever it took to play a least once on the tour, even though they weren't invited or entered any contest. Cold Forty Three achieved this goal on July 28th 2010, by playing the Ernie Ball stage in Cincinnati OH. CFT went on to play an additional three shows in Shakopee, Minnesota, Bonner Springs, Kansas and Hillsboro, Oregon. The biggest highlight came when CFT was asked to be the Bar-B-Q band for the 2011 Warped Tour. The band also has been invited to play SXSW in March 2011. With that being said Cold Forty Three is looking forward to 2011 being their biggest year ever, with a new album scheduled to be released in early 2011and a year full of non-stop touring.
Danielle Barbe
Danielle Barbe
Danielle Barbe is a young rock artist from Pennsylvania, whose self-titled debut album released in March 2010. "Danielle is the real deal, a rare combination of incredible talent and charisma only seen in the biggest stars in the business" says her producer Luke Ebbin (Bon Jovi, All American Rejects, Plain White Ts). Danielle's first single Ghost Town and video are available now for free at

Danielle has been singing since age 5, but she was shy growing up. She starred in school plays and recorded her first song at a local studio at age 6. After a decade of singing in musicals and church choirs, she and her brother Dave formed a band in high school, where she crafted her songwriting and her unique rock vocal style.

While in the band, Danielle was the youngest person to compete successfully in several Pittsburgh rock challenges, and the band worked clubs on the East Coast such as Don Hill's in New York City and Peabody's. In 2007, the band began recording with an established producer, and Danielle continued honing her live skills opening for Rusted Root, Saves The Day, Tantric, and later The Cult at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

The band members went their separate ways in 2009, and Danielle continued writing songs and developing her own unique sound. She quickly attracted the attention of a seasoned Los Angeles production and artist development team who develop independent artists. Danielle's team soon had her writing with top songwriters such as Michelle Lewis and Rune Westberg, and recording a new album with Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter Luke Ebbin.

"A good portion of this album has to do with really wanting something more and creating something new for yourself," says Danielle of her debut album. "Whether it's in life, love, or just taking all of your things and moving to a new town; this is an album I simply had to make…"

With her debut album and video complete and online, Danielle is attracting the attention of tastemakers and music fans. She played several shows at SXSW 2010 in March, in Texas, and also had several performances in Los Angeles this spring.
Dead Sara
Dead Sara
Emily Armstrong (vocals, guitar) / Siouxsie Medley (guitar, vocals) /
Chris Null (bass) / Sean Friday (drums)

Music history is rich with rock bands fronted by dynamic duos. Looking to carry on this yin and yang tradition are singer Emily Armstrong and female guitarist Siouxsie Medley, who front Los Angeles' Dead Sara — an electrifying four-piece rock band whose supercharged music is propelled by Medley's exhilarating, monster guitar riffs and Armstrong's powerful, wailing vocals. Dead Sara also includes bassist Chris Null and drummer Sean Friday, who funnel the ferocious spectacle of the band's high-energy live performance into their self-titled debut album. The debut will be released on the band's own label, Pocket Kid Records through Fontana Universal.

Produced by Noah Shain, the debut album is a versatile showcase for the band's talent, veering effortlessly from melodic, soaring tunes such as "We Are What You Say" and "Whispers & Ashes." To bruised, power ballads like "Dear Love" and "Face to Face," that are combined with the fierce, blaring tracks as, "Timed Blues," "Test My Patience," and Dead Sara's first infectious single "Weatherman".

"That diversity is what's honest and real to us," Medley says. "We love classic rock, blues, folk, metal, punk, gospel, all of it, so we didn't want to put restrictions on ourselves genre-wise. We just knew we wanted the music to sound really raw and primal, even a bit unsettling."

Lyrically, many of Dead Sara's songs are survival anthems informed by their struggle to stay true to their vision of being a powerful, uncompromising female-fronted rock band.

"It was difficult to deal with people's ideas about what we should be doing," Armstrong says. "I ended up shutting myself off from everyone and feeling really crushed. I didn't really come out of it until some of my close friends and fans of the band expressed concern, saying 'What the hell are you doing? You can't give up.'"

Armstrong and Medley met as music-obsessed teenagers growing up in Los Angeles and have been playing together in one capacity or another ever since. The two musicians are a study in contrast onstage: Medley remains rooted in place — a solid, steady anchor for Armstrong's almost unhinged performances. A skilled vocal stylist, Armstrong who can handle blues, soul, and folk-rock with equal aplomb, will unleash a guttural howl one minute and trill as pretty as a songbird the next.
Dead Sara is exactly what you want from a young, hungry rock band: unpredictable and enigmatic, and looking to make an explosive sonic and emotional impact.
Echo Movement
Echo Movement
The Echo Generation: children of the Baby Boomers.  "Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue." -Plato

Echo Movement is about love.  It's about a passion to learn, communicate and appreciate life's opportunities. It's a recognition of the ability to choose your level of involvement in humanity. It's respect for the earth and our global community and an honor to the pursuit of happiness. It's a shrine to the human range of emotions. It's an expression of music, culture and freedom. Echo Movement is about love, and that is all you need.

Brothers Steve and Dave grew Echo Movement from their Jersey Shore roots. They merged local beach culture with island and world music to create a unique blend they call "surf, reggae, soca."  They set out to represent the rapidly-growing global mindset of the current "Echo Generation" from which they took their name.

Echo Movement proves the new generation is built on independent accomplishments. Their songs are often about the integrity of the individual and their ability to take on any challenge while still remaining a part of the community. With fans across the world, Echo Movement stands as a living, breathing manifestation of its own honor.

The music is packed with energy, the lyrics are universal and the hooks are infectious. iTunes hails Echo Movement as "a cohesive blend of roots reggae and pop songwriting smarts."
Every Time I Die
Every Time I Die
While there's no exact science to the resulting madness that is ETID's signature blend of turned-to-eleven hardcore mixed with southern-fried metal, over the last decade the band has consistently produced fan-favorite releases from albums Big Dirty to Hot Damn!, with New Junk Aesthetic as icing on the proverbial metallic cake.

"New Junk Aesthetic is not the next logical step in the progression of Every Time I Die," explains front-man Keith Buckley. "It is an evolutionary leap. It's as if we have morphed from a single-celled bacteria straight to the guy with the dirt bike that will let you watch his older sister suntan if you steal him a smoke from your parents. Certainly you may acknowledge similarities, but on a grand scale, they stand light years apart."

Maniacal, convulsive and completely unpredictable are but a few words that come to mind when listening to New Junk Aesthetic. With Big Dirty producer Steve Evetts at the helm again, ETID set out to corrupt souls and bring fans to their knees with an orchestrated chaos of their heaviest most skillful album.
Falling In Reverse
Falling In Reverse
The scene's most notorious front man Ronnie Radke returns from years of mandatory silence to form Falling In Reverse, the loudest, most hard-hitting rock outfit to hit streets since his departure from Escape The Fate over three years ago. The Drug In Me Is You drops on July 26th and features eleven mega-hits that can be pre-ordered today along with the first single, "Raised By Wolves" available now on iTunes. Check out what Ronnie has been up to here.

After years of drama and speculation following Ronnie Radke's departure from Escape The Fate, the talented frontman lifts himself from the depths of adversity to emerge as one of the most dynamic and talented stars in the music scene today. Joining Radke on his forward climb to claim his position at the top are Jacky Vincent (Lead Guitar), Ryan Seaman (Aiden, I Am Ghost) on drums, bass player Mika Horiuchi and rhythm guitarist Derek Jones.

"Raised By Wolves," the first digital single from Falling In Reverse is a 3:25 minute journey into the mind of Radke - where his brutally honest lyrics break down his tumultuous past, while Falling In Reverse's ferocious sonic breakdowns pick up right where Ronnie leaves off - shredding guitar solos, massive hooks and in your face guitar riffs, reminding us all of what Ronnie is capable of…
Fireworks is a pop-punk band from Detroit, Michigan consisting of David Mackinder, Tymm Rengers, Chris Mojan, Kyle O'Neil, and Brett Jones. They are a group of individuals creating a sound with enough pop quality to keep your little sister's attention, and enough edge to rid them of "guilty pleasure" status. Hailing from stereotypically suburban metro Detroit, Fireworks is comprised of five electric personalities with endless influences. Together they create a unique blend of "infectious, well-written punk with an undeniable sense of melody. " They are currently signed to Triple Crown Records and Run For Cover Records.
Four Year Strong
Four Year Strong
"Worcester punk band playing their annual holiday rock gig!"
Funeral Party
Funeral Party
Funeral Party is a five-piece band that formed late one night in a park. Hardcore bands and metal bands dominated the local music scene at the time in Whittier, California, an East Los Angeles suburb comprised of mostly working-class enclaves. In the East Los Angeles neighborhoods adjacent to Whittier however, a post-punk dance-craze revival was emerging and Funeral Party began gigging every weekend.

The band quickly developed a following and a D.I.Y. ethos that encapsulated East Los Angeles' rich musical history. Initially, the band didn't even own equipment and had to borrow it from bands they played with at East Los Angeles backyard parties and warehouses. Funeral Party quickly achieved a mythic stature in the Los Angeles underground. Lars Stalfors, engineer for Mars Volta, invited the band to record in Volta's studio in East L.A. The sessions yielded "Chalice", which immediately became East L.A.'s theme song and could be heard bumping on iPods throughout Southern California. What is unique about Funeral Party is the band's universal appeal; there exist numerous infusions in their music. This band is crucially important as they have created a visceral music that encapsulates the experiences of contemporary youth.

Funeral Party's sound is shaped by disparate realities, manifested in the band's musical approach.For booking information, contact Creative Artists Agency.
G-Eazy has toured across the United States but his favorite place to play is in front of the wild, Bay area hometown crowd. His latest mixtape, The Endless Summer, produced Runaround Sue, who's sun stroked throwback video garnered over 100,000 plays on Youtube in less than a week. But it all comes back to the live show, one New Orleans music blogger summed it up with, "the young crowd was reaching the levels of mass hysteria reserved for the 50s and 60s rock 'n' roll legends to whom G-Eazy has been paying so much homage..."

"He has that je ne sais quoi that makes someone a "firework." His interactions with the crowd were seamless and his actual performance was perfection." - Earmilk Reveiw of Boston Show
Hostage Calm
Hostage Calm
Think The Smith's meets With Honor. I know, it sounds weird but its fucking awesome. Tastefully technical (nothing annoying), layered vocals and great song structures. From Connecticut. Run For Cover Records.

Displaying an in-depth understanding of Silent Majority, Turning Point and Quicksand, Hostage Calm's wellreceived 2008 debut, Lens, was a comprehensive lesson in what punk and hardcore should sound like. Jagged-yetinfectious melodies effortlessly merged with beefy power chords and politically charged battle cries while fiery anthems formed amidst uncommon song structures.

With that creative momentum and the positive response from fans and critics alike, the band took a year to write and a year to record its Self-Titled follow-up for Boston's Run for Cover Records. It's safe to say that the quintet's knack for composing intelligent, passionate tunes is matched only by that of its musical ambition. While Hostage Calm continues to hint at those Dag Nasty arpeggios and the skipping Descendents-esque beats, these new songs are pushed in unclassifiable directions, cradled by lush layers of jangling acoustic guitars, quick tambourine hits and resonating piano accompaniments.

Sonically, a good point of reference starts at The Smith's The Queen Is Dead, with its blending of styles into one cohesive and all encompassing indie / pop album. Hostage Calm never compromises its energy, but touches lightly on everything from doo wop ( "Rebel Fatigues" ) and new wave ( "Ballots / Stones" ) to Latin ( "Wither On The Vine" ) and power pop ( "War On A Feeling" ). Vocalist Chris Martin's suave melodies are chosen with the utmost care; they have a particularly relaxed quality that reveals a less excessive rendition of the 1980's. And while he's just about as political as ever, he doesn't hesitate to delve into more personal narratives, yet spares us of any cringe-worthy melodramatics.

Don't be intimidated - "pop" isn't a four-letter word. In context with the substance-less drivel that excretes from the radio waves these days, it's sometimes easy to forget. But Hostage Calm executes an infectious effort with actual lyrical and musical purpose. Truly a singular effort, there's a bit of something for every notch in the music-fan spectrum. Still, Hostage Calm never completely strays from the scene responsible for its inception. If you like music - regardless of genre - you should be paying attention.
I Call Fives
I Call Fives
Described as "hyper-catchy and highly caffeinated" by the Philadelphia Weekly, I Call Fives has become known for their high-energy sound and relentless stage presence. Identified as front-runners in the next generation of pop-punk, the band is ready to take charge of the opportunity to assert themselves against the backdrop of the ever-exploding New Jersey scene by presenting audiences with straight-forward, feel-good pop-punk.
I Fight Dragons
I Fight Dragons
I Fight Dragons are precisely the sonic "power up" that pop culture needs.

On their debut EP, Cool Is Just a Number and their follow up EP Welcome to the Breakdown (Photo Finish/Atlantic Records), the Chicago rockers wrap warm harmonies in sounds generated directly from vintage Nintendo soundcards. The EPs showcase the five-piece's digitized, daring approach to music, mixing chiptune and pop rock. Equally nodding to Weezer and Final Fantasy, I Fight Dragons approach alt-rock with just the right controller.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Brian Mazzaferri describes the band's enigmatic style best. "We've got pop rock elements, but we've also got original music made using old video game soundcards. We abuse those Gameboy and NES soundcards in a set of musical modes that were defined by early video game music."

"We're basically trying to be a cyborg band," jokes guitarist Packy Lundholm. Whether or not they're terminators sent back in time on a mission of rock 'n' roll doesn't matter, because no soundcard is safe from I Fight Dragons. In early 2008, Brian partnered up with keyboardist Bill Prokopow in order to transform a solo demo of "Heads Up, Hearts Down" into something more. "Bill and I stumbled upon chiptune," says Brian. "I told him that I wanted the beginning of the song to sound like Nintendo music. We used synthesizers at first, but we learned about chiptune soon after. We realized there were ways to access those soundcards and control them in the studio. From there, it was a no-brainer to connect the dots and do rock music in the songs we were making."
Iwrestledabearonce is an American heavy metal band formed in 2007 in Shreveport, Louisiana, and currently based in Birmingham, Alabama. They have released one EP and one full-length album, and have toured with acts such as August Burns Red, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Human Abstract, Blessthefall, Fact, Greeley Estates, Sea of Treachery, Enter Shikari, Winds of Plague, All Shall Perish, Vanna and Horse the Band.
Members are not:

Dennis Lyxen, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Billy Blanks, Corey Hart, Bernard Butler, James Taylor, Chuck Schuldiner, John Tardy, Sonny Bono, Fat Mike, Terry 'Hulk' Hogan, Hamburgler, Lippy Lipton, Mark Romanek, Phillip Schofield and Jarvis Cocker.
Influences Influences are:

Chomsky and Normski respectively, Jack Bauer, Plato, Automan, Manimal, Lost Boys, anyone from Merthyr with a fringe, the tao of pooh, cockfilms, Spar, Chunk, Tony Heart, Sandy Tocksfigg, nautical star tatoos, scene queen barbies with over ten trillion friends, scene queen dandies with over nine willion friends, anyone with so much shit on their page that it takes 10 minutes to load on the fastest connection and then crashes your browser, anyone who likes every band in the world like us and look like us but dont like us, Frank Castle, wrs at rms with pms, Charlie VDW, abbreevs, wtf, omg, Princess Sophie, John Singleton and his one idea, Tim Burton and his one idea, Mark Wahlberg and his one acting style, Johnny Utah, Don Swayze, a2m, Men At Work, thrashin', Gleamin The Cube, Martin Goldberg, bands with acrobats, acrobats with bands, bats with acrobands, acros with batbands, red heels not homemade italian sandals, Pete Doherty single handedly destroying Dior Homme, Kate Moss' love of cock, Weird Science, Lost Boys, Automan, Scott Dahl, Monster Squad, anything released on a split 7inch, girls who claim to be your friend but then talk shit about you, boys who do the same, Vince Vaughn and his mastery of comedy, the word comedy, the rapper 'Sean Smith' and his stupid band, sluts, Stuart Price and anything he puts his hand to, Angela, underground jamaican dancehall, Megadeth.
Machine Gun Kelly
Machine Gun Kelly
Despite a year where new youngsters took over, there was only one who could be named MTV's "Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2011." That emcee is ... Bad Boy signee, Machine Gun Kelly.

Since dropping his 2010 mixtape Lace Up, the Cleveland-bred rapper has built a cult-following that eventually helped him attract all the major labels, all of which were courting MGK. In the end, it was Diddy and Bad Boy that landed the buzzing young artist.

MGK beat out the likes of Lil Twist and Mac Miller, as well as A$AP Rocky, Future, French Montana, Freddie Gibbs, Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill and Roscoe Dash.

"He has just such a movement, just hundreds and thousands of loyal fans that came from the place he came from, in different parts of the country," Diddy gushed during a "RapFix Live" appearance. "He wasn't always the coolest kid in school, and just the process of growing up and the problems that they all encounter, they relate to him in such a way."

MTV said that Lil Twist, who finished in the #2 spot with 39 percent of the vote, was MGK's most formidable competition, thanks to his die-hard fans, Young Money team and best friend Justin Bieber, who all tweeted in support.

After earning the honor, MGK Skyped with MTV, graciously accepting the title.

"I can't explain how grateful I am for all those kids who sat there and got in voting circles and sat there for hours and hours and did votes upon votes," MGK said of his fans, who voted for him in the week-long poll. "I know that we have probably the least amount of fans, but like I told my fans: Heart is always gonna prevail over connections and who these people know and who tweets what."

Next thing on MGK's list is his upcoming Lace Up album, which has yet to receive a release date. For more info, keep it locked to
Hartford post-punkers Made Do And Mend exploded onto the scene with their sophomore EP, Bodies Of Water, which was offered to fans as a free download. The album was well received across the board and left ThePunksite to claim "[Bodies Of Water is] a cohesive piece of post-hardcore music that ebbs and flows with anticipation, passion and sincerity." They hit the studio earlier this year to record their full-length debut, which will be released via Paper + Plastick Records, in conjunction with the band's long-standing label, Panic Records. With plans to be locked away until July 6th, the quartet will split time with co-producers Nick Bellmore (Hatebreed, Kingdom of Sorrow, Death Threat) at Dexter's Lab in Milford, CT and Jason Maas (Bane, Verse, Title Fight) at Getaway Group studio in Wakefield, MA. With nearly a dozen songs ready to record that range in subject matter from isolation, to the trials and tribulations of playing in a touring band, vocalist/guitarist James Carroll confides "the sound is definitely more mature than anything from our previous EPs, but overall it definitely a MDAM record; very driving, heavy and filled with a lot of emotion." Recently wrapping a handful of dates supporting Set Your Goals and Comeback Kid, MDAM's Do-It-Yourself ethos, sincerity and hardwork will be affirmed just hours after leaving the studio. The band recently announced the first leg of a summer tour that kicks off in Baltimore on July 6th, and spans the rest of the summer. The first round of dates (July 6 thru August 1) include shows with Hostage Calm, Heartsounds, This Is Hell, Teenage Bottlerocket, and Shook Ones, as well as sets at the Sound And Fury Festival in Santa Barbara, CA and Van Isle Hardcore Fest VI in Victoria, BC. "This summer tour is going to be 53 days long," says MDAM vocalist/guitarist James Carroll, "so that will give us plenty of time to get some new songs in road shape." Proudly signed to Rise Records.
Man Overboard
Man Overboard
Consider pop punk defended. Man Overboard, the four-piece outfit out of New Jersey, have made a statement with their debut full length Real Talk that is much harder, faster, and louder than a catchy, often-quoted band mantra. While the band's previous material has been extremely enjoyable, climbing to the most coveted parts of my iTunes play counts, their latest offering is their first real spoonful of pop punk. Dual vocalists Zac Eiestenstein and Nik Bruzzese are more aggressive on Real Talk, and their vocals are paced by dirtier-sounding guitars, contributing to a more punk-influenced style. As an overwhelming initial wave of support shows, I'm in the same boat of thinking as most Man Overboard fans when I welcome the new style. It's the exact direction I was hoping this band would take, and the direction that they needed to take to back up their mantra. It's safe to say that Man Overboard have not only defended the genre, but have exceeded all expectations in the process.
Matt Toka
Matt Toka
My name is Matt Toka.
Music saved me from a dysfunctional life in Youngstown, Ohio. I was raised in a house where physical, substance and mental abuse were the norm. When I was young, my parents fought constantly, so I would slam my bedroom door and play Green Day's Dookie as loud as I could, singing those songs over and over to myself.
I knew then that music would be my escape.
I started playing guitar when I was 12 and started playing in a couple bands that were pretty popular in the local scene even though I couldn't wait to get the hell out of Ohio. After graduating high school, I started a group called Cherry Monroe and I worked my ass off to get us heard. There wasn't a place I didn't pass out our CD — malls, schools, gas stations, you name it — and all the hard work seemed to pay off when we earned a huge following and got signed by Universal Records.
I thought snagging a record deal meant I'd be given bags of money and life would be one big party. I didn't take my career seriously at all and the band was dropped a year later. My life was spiraling out of control: I lost my full-time gig, my parents got divorced and both my mom and grandfather got locked up in prison. Why would I stay and rot in Youngstown?
I had nothing left to lose so I said fuck it, put my whole life in my shitty Honda Civic and drove out to Los Angeles. Talk about a reality check. I went from performing to thousands of people to playing an acoustic guitar next to weirdos dressed up as Batman and SpongeBob SquarePants on Hollywood Blvd. I may've escaped all my family bullshit, but I was still completely depressed by the wrong turns my life had taken.

Inspired by the storytelling of Bob Dylan, Oasis' Noel Gallagher and, of course, Billie Joe Armstrong, I locked myself in my one-room studio apartment and started writing about all the fucked-up stuff I'd gone through. I wouldn't shower or go outside for days. I was so angry and frustrated but found out that when I was able to harness my emotions, I was beginning to find myself—— and my voice as a songwriter.
I took shitty temp jobs to keep the lights on, but I was determined to make it with my music. Once I built my confidence back up, I started posting all my songs—both covers and originals—on YouTube. People seemed to really dig it and it wasn't long until I landed my second record deal. This time, though, I swore not to take a goddamn thing for granted.
When producer Rob Cavallo (Green Day, My Chemical Romance) agreed to produce my first album, I cried like a fucking baby. I just pictured being that little kid in his bedroom, listening to Dookie and dreaming of this moment. I can't wait to share all the songs onStraight To Hell with my fans. The record is all about how hard life can be but you can't let the small stuff bring you down. There's a lot of shit you can't change, so make an effort to enjoy every minute. You can turn any kind of energy into something positive. If life gives you lemons, make a fucking drink.
Mayday Parade
Mayday Parade
It doesn’t happen very often, but every once in a while a band comes along who have crafted a sound that’s so unique it’s hard to believe they haven’t been playing together for decades. For the past four years, the members of Tallahassee, Florida’s Mayday Parade—vocalist/keyboardist Derek Sanders, bassist Jeremy Lezno, guitarists Alex Garcia and Brooks Betts and drummer Jake Bundrick—have been perfecting their unique brand of pop-inflected punk rock, a process that is currently culminating with the release of their major-label debut Anywhere But Here. “We really just wanted to follow our own path on this record and not worry about if we fit in anywhere,” Bundrick explains. “We were striving to make a record that meshed together really well and that was actually an album in the sense that all the songs sound different, but are working together toward a common theme.”
Correspondingly Anywhere But Here shows how versatile Mayday Parade are, a fact that has endeared the band to fans all over the world and helped them forge their own niche in the rock community. From soaring and instantly accessible anthems like “Anywhere But Here” and “Get Up” to heartfelt ballads such as “Save Your Heart” and melodic midtempo tracks like “Bruised and Scarred,” Anywhere But Here shows how much the band have grown since their 2006 debut A Lesson In Romantics and also proves that when it comes to Mayday Parade, songwriting takes precedence over gimmicks or fleeting fashions.
Memphis May Fire
Memphis May Fire
MEMPHIS MAY FIRE have consistently pushed the envelope to redefine both themselves and the various sub-genres they’ve made their mark within. 2009’s “Sleepwalking” full-length yielded no exception as the band ventured into the territory of Post-Hardcore / Southern Rock with no reservations. Their fresh approach to an otherwise stale scene gathered critical acclaim and found “Ghost In The Mirror” featured on the both the Saw VI Soundtrack and DVD/Blu-Ray releases. Subsequent touring with the likes of Asking Alexandria, From First To Last, and Alesana facilitated the delivery of their music to the masses and established a live precedent that the band continues to build on today.

Following well-received releases on both Trustkill & Bullet Tooth, domestic/international touring success (featuring the band’s first visit to Japan) and a tag as one of Revolver Magazine’s “Top 25 Under 25,” we’re left with only one certainty; members Matt Mullins (vocals), Kellen McGregor (guitar), Ryan Bentley (guitar), Cory Elder (bass), and Jake Garland (drums) are headed somewhere fast.

In fact, it’s safe to say that MEMPHIS MAY FIRE are “Sleepwalking” no longer. Their latest effort, “Between The Lies,” boasts an elevated aggression that tastefully combines elements of melodic metal, southern rock, and electronics amidst a platform of carefully crafted songwriting. Existing solely in the digital realm, this EP is clearly an indication of things to come in terms of its unique dynamics & cross-genre experimentation.

Fast forward to 2011 and MEMPHIS MAY FIRE have now partnered with Rise Records as an outlet for their musical creativity. This move continues to broaden the band’s reach and welcomes a new world of possibilities within the scope of their burgeoning career. MMF’s high-octane live show acts as a testament to their ever-increasing identity and always leaves the audience wanting more. Expect their RISE debut to enter your lives later this spring alongside a massive touring cycle that is sure to reach your doorstep. Critics beware; MEMPHIS MAY FIRE are not only here to stay, they’re paving the way.
Miss May I
Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, Miss May I claims a sound that is mature far beyond their years. With no members over the age of 19, they have been breaking out of the Dayton music scene with a sound that is unbelievably fast paced, heavy, and crushing, yet tastefully melodic and catchy. Currently writing for a full length debut with Rise Records, the band is gearing up for a 2009 release thats looking to propel them to the forefront of their genre.
Mod Sun
Mod Sun
.MOD SUN released his first CD (a full-length) titled, "I'll Buy Myself", on January 31st 2009. It featured 11 songs, all of which were original beats made by MOD SUN himself. The songs were written and recorded over a 8 month span from May to December 2008. Every song was recorded in his bedroom and produced by him and only him. He did it all by himself…hence the name of the record.

MOD SUN recently released his second free mix tape "How To Make A MOD SUN". It includes 17 new original songs and remixes. H2MAMS paints the picture of his thoughts about growing up and teaches you the steps it took to get to where he currently stands today. Very well-written with get wordplay and punchlines, but doesn't rely on either of those to get his point across. "I care about the first 3 letters of the word 'artist'. I take my word very seriously."
Motionless In White
Motionless In White
Determination, a taste for hard work, a love for being on the road, countless self booked tours and undeniable talent have all earned the band a solid following which continues to grow steadily. Emphasizing in every interview how much they appreciate their fans, MIW want to get their point across that saying their thank yous is something not to be taken lightly. “To be honest, we’ve wanted this,” says singer Chris Cerulli during an interview with Weekender. “We’re not a band that just practices once a week and says ‘I hope something happens.’ We work every day to make this happen, so having it happen isn’t even overwhelming in the slightest.” Fearless Records
New Found Glory
New Found Glory
New Found Glory
Jordan Pundik – Vocals
Chad Gilbert – Guitar
Ian Grushka – Bass
Cyrus Bolooki – Drums

The word resurrection invokes the act of rising again, the possibility of revival despite
opposing circumstances. There is no better for the title of New Found Glory’s eighth album.
The collection of songs, produced by the band and engineered by Paul Miner, reflects four
musicians determined to overcome no matter the odds. The Florida band, who have been
creating infectious pop-punk since 1997, has learned to embrace the struggle and allow it to
spawn a new beginning, opening a chapter where New Found Glory is stronger and more
unstoppable than ever.
Following the release and promotion of 2011’s notably successful album Radiosurgery, New
Found Glory found themselves pared down to a four-piece. With this new tightened lineup,
the musicians were interested in creating a new album that embraced the combined sound of
four instruments. They went back and listened to some of their favorite records to seek
inspiration, studying how four musicians can build the same level of anthemic sound as if
there were more. “The goal for the new record was to make it sound really authentic and
natural and not filled in,” Chad says. “It was trying to make the biggest sounding record
stripped down as four people.”
The musicians, who live split between Florida and Southern California, began writing in early
2014. They were interested in expanding beyond the recurring themes of relationships that
often pops up in New Found Glory lyrics. For Jordan, Resurrection is an expression of the
overall human experience and what it means to take the cards you’re dealt and move on in a
positive way. “We’ve always a been a band that has written about life experiences from a
deeply personal place,” Jordan says. “Some of it fictitious and some of it not fictional, but it’s
all been stuff we’ve dealt with in our lives.”
The songs on the album were recorded in Miner’s studio in Orange Country in the summer of
2014 over the course of a month. The process marks the first time New Found Glory has gone
into the studio with all the songs written and prepared. The band elected to produce the music
themselves as a way of showcasing their independence and confidence in the band. Chad,
who has produced albums for A Day To Remember, Lisa Loeb, as well as others, brought that
experience to the process. It was a notably stress-free experience that resulted in a boisterous,
infectious album that aptly balances polished hooks with a raw punk rock edge. “This is the
most prepared we’ve ever been,” Chad notes. “Writing as a band now has never felt so easy.
We really came together with ideas. We’ve gone through a lot and figured a lot of things out.
This album has been very cathartic for us.”
“Selfless,” the album’s rollicking opener, sets the tone for Resurrection. The song is grand
and driving, revealing how big four instruments can sound together. “We’ve been through ups
and downs,” Jordan explains of the song. “At the end of the day, it’s how you are as a person
and how people view you as a person.” The album’s title track features Terror’s Scott Vogel
on guest vocals and, in many ways, uses its catchy chorus to sum up the band’s experience
over the past few years. Bayside’s Anthony Raneri pops up on rock-heavy “Stubborn” and
Turnstile’s Brendan Yates appears on propulsive album closer “On My Own.”
One of the album’s standout moments arrives on “Ready and Willing,” an immediate number
that grapples with the idea of struggling against the odds. The song reminds the listener that if
they have a dream they should pursue it no matter what, always remembering why you had
that dream to begin with. “It’s about trying to find that feeling again that you had as a kid,”
Chad says. “You have to know why you do it. We want to challenge our fans to one day do
the same thing.”
For New Found Glory, it’s eternally important to remember why they do what they do. The
band has been playing together since the musicians were only in high school, breaking out of
Florida to become one of the most influential pop-punk bands of our time. The group has
headlined Warped Tour, toured with Green Day and performed on the mainstage of festivals
like Reading and Leeds, their songs connecting positively and universally with fans around
the world. Their message of encouragement continually resonates: never settle for what life
has dealt you because you can do better. It’s that passion and optimism that has kept New
Found Glory together for all these years and all these albums and all these tours.
“Bands have a lot of different reasons for being bands, but we are 100 percent in this band for
the music,” Chad says. “All my life, this was my passion. That’s true for all of us. That’s why
we still do it. We love writing and playing songs so we’ll do whatever it takes to make that
happen. Our band can get through anything and nothing would stop us from doing that and
that’s because we genuinely love it. Our passion is our music and that dominos into
everything else. And it makes our fans happy, too.”
“We are always appreciative,” Jordan adds. “We appreciate each other and we appreciate our
fans. Those are the two things that have kept us doing this, happily, for so long.”
Of Mice And Men
Of Mice And Men
After recording "Someday Came Suddenly" and touring some with Attack Attack Austin left the band. After leaving, Austin decided to start something new on his own. He asked one of his best friends Jaxin Hall from New Zealand, to join him and be apart of whatever he did next. The two, got their friends in Though She Wrote, to help them write and record the song "Seven Thousand Miles for What?" they had been working on. The next day they posted it and made this myspace. Five days later the inevitable happened. They joined up with the two people that had stood by them since day one. Rise and Artery were always considered family, and after hearing the song, they accepted us into theirs.

Solidifying the line up with Valentino Arteaga from Lower Definition on drums, Shayley Bourget from Chapters and Covette on guitar and vocals, and Phil Manansala from A Static Lullaby on guitar, Of Mice & Men have already recorded their debut album to be released in February 2010 and have hit the road nonstop!
Owen Plant
Owen Plant
Owen Plant, is a Jamaican-born acoustic troubadour currently based in California. His writing style is reminiscent of introspective singer/songwriters from the '70s but also incorporates his rich and vibrant Caribbean heritage. Owen's strong vocals evoke the emotional depth of Cat Stevens and the soulful passion of Bob Marley. Other influences such as Paul Simon, Beck, Sting, Jack Johnson, and James Taylor round out his distinct sound that can be upbeat, pensive, socially-conscious, entertaining, and compelling.

As a child, Owen toured the island of Jamaica playing traditional Jamaican folk and American pop songs. This experience laid the foundation for the diverse instrumentation, language, and rhythm evident in his music today. Additionally, his poignant lyrics and heartfelt poetry draw great strength from a troubled past--expressing human suffering but also embracing hope and redemption. Owen is proud to be affiliated with The Boston/NYC Improbable Players, an acting troupe that educates young people about drugs and alcohol, and is developing a similar organization on the West Coast featuring his musical as well as dramatic abilities.

While performing across the U.S., Europe, and Canada, Owen Plant has shared stages with artists such as Ellis Paul, Livingston Taylor, Jonathan Edwards, The Tom Tom Club and Antigone Rising. Owen has played at renowned clubs like The House of Blues as well as at numerous colleges and cafes around the country. He is a celebrated mainstay at Club Passim, Cambridge's legendary folk venue that was instrumental in the careers of icons Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and others. While in the Boston area, Owen is a member of the elite street-performing program at the famous Faneuil Hall.

Owen has released four albums as a solo artist since departing frontman duties for the Boston-based band Shake Senora in 2001. He is currently collaborating on a Reggae/Pop, feel-good studio project called The Sunshine Brothers with noted producer/songwriter/TV and movie composer Christopher Tyng (The OC, Rescue Me, Futurama). After experiencing the new tunes live, many fans have said they can hear that Owen has undergone a transformation due to the collaboration. Owen himself considers this new material the best he has ever been a part of. Stay tuned for release dates, downloads and touring information for both Owen Plant and The Sunshine Brothers.
Pierce The Veil
Pierce The Veil
A lot has happened in the three years since Pierce The Veil released their debut A Flair For The Dramatic in 2007. The band have toured the world including Warped Tour in 2008 and Taste Of Chaos in 2009; converted countless fans to their unique brand of progressive post-hardcore; and, most notably, grown as both people and musicians from these cumulative experiences. All of this figures into the group's long-awaited sophomore release Selfish Machines, an album that sees the band-frontman Vic Fuentes, drummer Mike Fuentes, guitarist Tony Perry and bassist Jaime Preciado-coming together to craft an inventive album that is certain to challenge people's perception of the band.

Recorded with Mike Green (Paramore, Set Your Goals) in Los Angeles, the album ended up being more involved than initially planned-but that ended up being a blessing in disguise. "It was actually a pretty intense process," Vic explains, adding that the band didn't finish the album in the time allotted which forced him to stay in LA for an extra two months working on vocals and bouncing between recording studios working on new ideas. "It was definitely necessary to take the extra time with this recording," he continues. "We're not settling on anything with this record."

From the soaring pop sensibility of songs like "Bulletproof Love" to the upbeat aggression of "Caraphernelia", the album shows how versatile Pierce The Veil have become, whether they're screaming their hearts out or gently bearing their souls. There are also plenty of sonic surprises on Selfish Machines, most notably the emotive, piano-driven ballad "Stay Away From My Friends" which displays the band's growth as songwriters. "That song was my first crack at writing on piano," Vic explains. "I've got a piano in my house now so I'd been messing around on it and ended up writing some riffs, which I think definitely gave the album a different feel," he continues, adding that he hopes to eventually implement keyboards into the band's live performances.

Although Pierce The Veil have toured incessantly for the past three years, they made some time late last year to write these tracks and instantly threw themselves into the songwriting process. "It's pretty hard for us to write on the road because we're touring in an RV most of the time with tight quarters, which doesn't bode well for creativity," Vic acknowledges with a laugh. "We have a studio at home that I like to hang out in, so I basically just shut myself out from the world for three or four months and spent all day and night writing," he continues. "Every song is super personal; they're all very real about our lives and I think once people read them they can probably see a little bit about what's going on with us."

"We are all in one way or another selfish machines," Vic explains when asked about the album's title. "In no way is this a negative thing, it's human nature. We all have natural tendencies to want, love, and take. When it comes down to it, humans have animal like qualities that we keep inside and even try to deny-but no matter how morally good someone may think they are or try to be, we are still humans," he continues. "One example of this is how we are all constantly searching for someone to love, or even more desperately, someone to love you. It is human nature broken down to its bare bones, no bullshit, just rock bottom honest feelings and desire. No trying to be nice, shy, or respectable, it's about the 'evil' thing inside of us that is really not evil at all, it's just there and always will be inside of us all."

Having played with bands in nearly every subgenre, Pierce The Veil have always prided themselves on not confining their band to one particular scene or genre-and the harmony-rich songs like "I Don't Care If You're Contagious" are guaranteed to expose them to entirely new crowds of followers with Selfish Machines. "Every band that I've ever loved and admired has constantly grown and each record is a little different in their own way and I think that's how it should be because it keeps you setting new goals and trying to change for the better," Vic explains. "This record is definitely going to take us new places and after this we'll keep writing and try to make the next one even better," he summarizes. "We're always looking ahead."
Polar Bear Club
Polar Bear Club
Polar Bear Club is an American post-hardcore/indie rock band from Syracuse, upstate New York. Formed in 2005, the band currently consists of vocalist Jimmy Stadt, lead guitarist Chris Browne, rhythm guitarist Nate Morris, bass guitarist Erik Michael "Goose" Henning and drummer Emmett Menke.
Rise Against
Rise Against
Doomsday scenarios are often predictive about an ending in life, revealing just what would occur if the world pushed itself to the brink of extinction. And the term "endgame" typically parallels such thinking, often evoking concepts of finality or termination.

But for Rise Against, this particular endgame might just be their beginning.

As the title of the band's sixth full-length studio album—and the moniker of the album's title track—Endgame is indicative of both a world that has run its course, and perhaps ushering in an entirely new start.

"It's about a dangerous time in civilization, the end of life," says vocalist/guitarist Tim McIlrath. "What if the life that we're living right now is this unsustainable bubble that cannot go on and perhaps does not deserve to go on? What if the world we created is a place that is so unnatural and ugly that it is a world that needs to come to an end, so that we could have a world that is better for everybody? It sounds very utopian, but it's not about a perfect place, but maybe some of these things we're doing, they need to come to an end."

McIlrath, bassist Joe Principe, drummer Brandon Barnes and guitarist Zach Blair have been making these striking personal and political statements, and providing prompts of great magnitude throughout their remarkable catalog by offering songs that aren't just merely sung, but very much thought about.

And it's thought that has made Rise Against such an important band to its ever-expanding fanbase. For the Chicago-based punk group, the creation of dialogue and discourse with listeners has allowed for a response and career trajectory that's been overwhelmingly positive since the band's launch over a decade ago.
Rise To Remain
Rise To Remain
Rise To Remain are a 5-piece London based metalcore band, formed in early 2006 under the name "Halide", and changing to "Rise To Remain" in 2008. The band have made appearances at Download Festival, Sonisphere Festival and have extensively toured the UK, as support act and a headline act. The band have released three EP's, the majority of which have been "viral" releases, via their myspace. The band have been praised by magazines, such as Metal Hammer and Kerrang!, with the former releasing a scaled-down version of their first nationwide-release EP, "Bridges Will Burn", which was recorded by Dan Weller and Justin Hill of the production team WellerHill in late 2009. They have received radioplay through the likes of BBC Radio One, X.FM and Total Rock, as well as having their debut music video regularly rotated on Scuzz and Kerrang! TV. Most recently, the band was voted "Best New Band" at the Metal Hammer "Golden God Awards", an award decided by 400,000 votes across the globe, and the Kerrang! Award for "Best British Newcomer", and are currently in the studio with producer Colin Richardson recording their debut album, due out 2011.
Listening to a new Senses Fail album is a lot like reconnecting with an old friend—although there's a comforting, indefinable familiarity within all of the New Jersey-based post-hardcore quintet's records, each new creation is a fleeting snapshot of the lives of its makers, indelibly capturing the things that meant the most during your mutual time apart. The band's third full-length release, Life Is Not A Waiting Room, is no exception. Having the unenviable task of following 2006's crushing Still Searching, the album showcases the face-melting musicianship and soul-baring lyricism that define Senses Fail. Once again produced by helmsman Brian McTernan (Thrice, Circa Survive) and recorded in Baltimore, MD, at his Salad Days studio, Life boasts a towering sound akin to a roundhouse kick to the skull. "This is the most fun we've ever had as a band," says singer James "Buddy" Nielsen. "I think we were feeling a lot less pressure this time around, but you've always got to do your best." The New Jersey-based group formed six years ago and released their debut EP, From the Depths of Dreams, in 2002. 2004's Let It Enfold You—their first full-length—was followed by Still Searching, which debuted at 15 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.

To date, Senses Fail have performed multiple worldwide tours and their catalog sales have reached over 850,000, yet the band continue to evolve. Although in many ways Life picks up seamlessly where Searching left off, the new album has very distinct, unique qualities, most notably its lyrical content. While Searching wrestled with issues regarding religion and depression, Life is centered squarely on a crumbling relationship, and the desire to see meaningful change. "A lot of this record is written about the recent break up I had with a long-time girlfriend, the first person I have ever been in love with, and someone I spent a lot of time and shared my transition from kid to adult," explains Nielsen. "The other elements of the record consist of regrets and how they can leave a burning hole in your soul; how the past is something you can't change….

There are also bright moments where I find myself coming to terms with those very facts, and in knowing the problem you can then be proactive and change." Life also marks the addition of new bassist Jason Black (formerly of Hot Water Music), who replaces the departed Mike Glita. Meanwhile, guitarists Garrett Zablocki and Heath Saraceno (formerly of Midtown) have grown into one of the most scorching six-string tandems around; Life features more of the nimble harmonies showcased on Searching, but this time the duo took it one step further, with some truly shred-a-riffic leads, such as those heard on "Lungs Like Gallows" and "Garden State." Another rocker, "Wolves At The Door," was so intense that it even garnered a coveted spot within the soundtrack for the best-selling Madden NFL '09 video game. Kicking off with the rich, moody "Fireworks At Dawn," Life roars and pummels its way through the album's 12 tracks without the slightest pause for filler, delivering an absolute haymaker just four tracks in with "Family Tradition," which features the band's signature blend of dark and melodic. Nielsen's words are as insightful as they are meaningful. "I find myself at times doing things to live up to other peoples' expectations, or cutting myself down because I assume that will make me look more humble to the world," says Nielsen. "So this song is one part a reaction to that, and also about following the footsteps of a family member you don't really know, but who has had a huge influence on you." Perhaps the most heart-wrenching moments of all come via the two-part song cycle of "Yellow Angels" and "Four Years," which were inspired by a terminally ill fan named Marcel, who befriended Nielsen at an SF show in Dallas, TX. Nielsen remained in contact with the 18-year-old, who was stricken with cancer of the soft tissue of his face, and endured many painful surgeries and treatments in order to attempt to fend off tumors that were growing in vital areas such as his eyes, nose and throat. When Marcel's mother notified Nielsen of her son's worsening condition, the singer flew to Texas, where he spent a great deal of time with this incredibly courageous young man, during the final days of his tragically short life. "It was one of the most intense and stirring times in my life.

The sheer pain this 18-year-old boy was in was mind blowing, yet his optimistic outlook and sense of humor was steadfast," Nielsen recalls. "This kid changed my life and although he is no longer with us, he lives on everyday in the pictures I took with him, to remind myself that life is never as bad as you think it is. So 'Yellow Angels' is my reaction to meeting Marcel and how I needed to live in the moment and love myself and life. 'Four Years,' on the other hand, is about being influenced by such a life-changing [experience] and having to make new decisions about my relationship and what it really was."

The album's title is a succinct, encapsulating statement as to its thematic thrust. Life Is Not A Waiting Room is just as much revelation as it is reflection; the sum total of every ounce of pain, fear, hope and joy that the record exudes.

"I felt I had been living as if I was waiting for something to happen, but I know that is the wrong way to live—it just doesn't promote any sort of happiness," Nielsen concludes. "The title sums up the direction I want to go in, and what I want to get away from, and it's a cry to everyone else to stop living like I have."

Just like the rest of us, Nielsen's struggle is far from over. But one thing is certain: SF have once again delivered their message with both passion and fury. All one has to do is listen with their ears and heart open—just as an old friend would.
Sick of Sarah
Sick of Sarah
Female-fronted pop/rock band from Minneapolis, MN. Coming off some dates with Joan Jett and The Bangles, the quintet sounds a lot like early Tegan & Sara. "The women ... bow at the alter of riot grrl days gone by while simultaneously thumbing their noses at scowling rock-chick cliches. The songs are as bracing as they are familiar." --Spin
Sleeping With Sirens
Sleeping With Sirens
Recently signed to powerhouse label, Rise Records, Sleeping With Sirens is the newest band to come out of central Florida. They recorded a 2 song demo at Chango Studios (Broadway, I See Stars, Oceana). They then proceeded to write and record a full length album entitled, “Eyes to Hear, Ears to See” due out sometime in March 2010. The founding member of this band being the former guitarist of Broadway. Kellin Quinn brings a unique vocal element to this band, and makes them stand out from the rest. They’re going far, so catch them before they explode.
Stepdad is an Electronic Pop band based in Grand Rapids, MI. Originally a duo, they formed in the summer of 2009 when roommates, ultramark and Ryan McCarthy, began writing songs together in their Chicago apartment. In 2010 they released their debut EP "Ordinaire" which spawned 2 singles, Jungles and My Leather, My Fur, My Nails. They recently recorded their debut album with producer Chris Zane who is known for his work with Passion Pit, Mumford and Sons, & The Walkmen.
Streetlight Manifesto
Streetlight Manifesto
Of all the various compliments Streetlight Manifesto have received from fans over the years, there is one in particular that seems to resonate most with the members of the band. After a show, a kid in torn jeans and a Pantera shirt, sporting ridiculous facial hair, will find one of the Streetlighters outside of the club and say hello, followed by "Man, I don't listen to this kind of music, in fact I hate most ska bands, but you guys are something else." Or it will be a jazz fan, sitting in the back of the venue during the set, bobbing his head, eyes closed while the band does their thing on stage. Or one of the club's stagehands will comment, while helping break down the lighting rig, that he actually enjoyed a band he was working for for once, despite having heard thousands of bands on the job over the years. And therein lies Streetlight Manifesto's appeal.

Seven guys, seven different musical backgrounds, seven different personalities, one band, one unique and unmistakable voice. Formed four years ago in New Jersey as an ad hoc group intended to put out one album and disappear, one thing lead to another and within a few months of their debut release, Everything Goes Numb, Streetlight Manifesto were officially a full time touring band, traveling the world, spreading their infectious and energetic tunes to all who would listen. One part rock, one part ska, with influences from latin, klezmer, folk, world, funk, jazz and classical thrown in, the band redefined what most people expected from a "ska" band. Three albums later, and after countless worldwide tours, the guys are still at it, still performing live to sold out shows filled with sweat drenched fans, all dancing and singing along at the top of their lungs. And the Streetlight boys wouldn't have it any other way.
Taking Back Sunday
Taking Back Sunday

November 10, 2014 – Los Angeles, CA – For influential Long Island band Taking Back Sunday, Happiness Is being able to tour with your friends and perform for thousands of diehard fans night-after-night. That sentiment is what keeps the band going and has helped fuel their rewarding and lengthy career. It’s also what drives them to create memorable records like their recent, critically heralded effort Happiness Is, which they’ve spent most of this year supporting on a global tour.

Today, Taking Back Sunday is happy to announce the journey will continue in 2015 with a North American tour that will feature direct support from letlive. and The Menzingers. “Touring is probably the most rewarding thing we do as a band. Being able to look people in the eye and see what these songs means to them as you are playing them is an experience that is hard to describe. We’ve done a lot of festival and co-headlining dates since HAPPINESS IS was released, but we are really looking forward to our upcoming headlining dates where we can play a little bit longer and dive into the album and our catalogue a bit more. We also have a few extra tracks from the HAPPINESS IS recording which should be making an appearance around that time,” says lead vocalist Adam Lazzara. The excursion will start on February 18th in New Orleans and end on April 4th in Fort Lauderdale. VIP tickets, which include exclusive merch, acoustic sets, M&G and more, will go on sale Tuesday, November 11th at 3PM EST and the general public on-sale will start on Friday, November 14th at 10AM local time with venues and promoters hosting various pre-sales as well.

Watch a teaser video for the upcoming tour here:

2014 proved to be a monumental year for the cherished band. Taking Back Sunday partnered with Hopeless Records to release their sixth studio album, Happiness Is, which received rave reviews and debuted at #10 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart, with their classic lineup made up of Adam Lazzara (vocals), John Nolan (guitar/vocals), Eddie Reyes (guitar), Shaun Cooper (bass) and Mark O’Connell (drums). They also toured heavily with shows in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia that included stops at all three Riot Fests in Toronto, Chicago and Denver, Extreme Thing in Las Vegas, Summer Ends Festival in Phoenix and a headlining slot on the Great South Bay Music Festival in Long Island, all while sharing the stages and bills with notable acts like The Cure, Weezer, The Replacements, The Used and The Descendents among others along the way.

With the original lineup in tow for their second consecutive release, Taking Back Sunday has established a firm footing in the next chapter of their long celebrated career with soaring rock anthems and heartfelt ballads as heard on tracks like “Flicker, Fade,” “Stood A Chance” and “Better Homes and Gardens.” What lies next for the band only time will tell, but for now they’re doing what they love the most; leaving it all on stage for fans night-after-night.

Taking Back Sunday will be touring Europe this November and December before returning home for their first annual Holiday Spectacular shows at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ on December 27th and 28th.

Follow the band at for additional updates.

Taking Back Sunday North American Tour Dates:
Dec 27 - Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom (w/The Menzingers, Modern Chemistry) - SOLD OUT
Dec 28 - Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom (w/Modern Baseball)

Spring 2015 Headlining Tour w/The Menzingers and letlive.:
Feb 18 - New Orleans, LA - Civic Theatre
Feb 19 - Houston, TX - House of Blues
Feb 20 - Austin, TX - Emo’s
Feb 21 - Dallas, TX - South Side Ballroom
Feb 22 - El Paso, TX - Tricky Falls
Feb 24 - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues
Feb 25 - Riverside, CA - Riverside Municipal Auditorium
Feb 26 - San Diego, CA - House of Blues
Feb 27 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium
Feb 28 - Santa Ana, CA - The Observatory
Mar 1 - San Francisco, CA - The Warfield Theatre
Mar 3 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Complex
Mar 4 - Denver, CO - Summit Music Hall
Mar 6 - Chicago, IL - Riviera Theatre
Mar 8 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave
Mar 10 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues
Mar 11 - Detroit, MI - The Fillmore
Mar 13 - Toronto, ON - Danforth Music Hall
Mar 14 - Montreal, QC - Metropolis
Mar 15 - Albany, NY - Upstate Concert Hall
Mar 16 - Buffalo, NY - Town Ballroom
Mar 18 - New York, NY - Best Buy Theater
Mar 21 - Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory
Mar 24 - Huntington, NY - The Paramount
Mar 26 - Boston, MA - House of Blues
Mar 27 - Worcester, MA - The Palladium
Mar 28 - Baltimore, MD - Rams Head Live
Mar 29 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
Apr 1 - Atlanta, GA - Buckhead Theatre
Apr 2 - Tampa, FL - The Ritz Ybor
Apr 3 - Lake Buena Vista, FL - House of Blues
Apr 4 - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Revolution Live
The Constellations
The Constellations
Dubbed an Atlanta supergroup by locals, The Constellations officially formed when vocalist Elijah Jones teamed up with Grammy-winning producer Ben H. Allen (Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley) to create Southern Gothic. Jones and Allen tossed ideas around for two years before finally recording. Now the band and its ever-changing line-up of Atlanta musicians is playing sold out shows in Atlanta's most popular venues, from the Earl, Star Bar, Lenny's, the Drunken Unicorn, and even Athens' the 40 Watt.

Recorded at Maze Studios, Southern Gothic (?Make Records Not Bombs?, 2008) is a meandering tour of the underbelly of Atlanta, lead by Jones' gruff delivery and parabolic lyrics. Lush production invokes the muscular rhythms of '70s Fela Kuti, the propelling pop sensibility of the Gorillaz and the vocals of a modern-day Tom Waits. Cee Lo of Gnarls Barkley and newly signed SRC artist Asher Roth are featured on the album, with a revision of Tom Waits' "Step Right Up" as a centerpiece. Also on the album are Atlanta musicians Brand Hagen (Trances Arc) and Julian Dorio (The Whigs). The Constellations live show consists of a five-man band backing Jones' trademark vocals and persona: James Arnold, Ryan Davis, Jamie Gordon, Wes Hoffman and Jason Nackers (Second Shift). A crowd-pleasing, all-girl "Clap Squad" covers back-up vocals and completes the spectacle. The band plays locally monthly and will begin touring nationally this summer.
The Darlings
The Darlings
LA rockers The Darlings have come a long way since their inception in 2005. After beating out hundreds of bands to win this year's Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands, the Darlings had their song "What Lies Below" picked up by the Anaheim Ducks, who used the track for their 09/10 season promo spots on Prime Ticket. The band's song "Let's Roll" has also been in steady rotation on influential LA modern rock station KROQ's Locals Only show for months. In addition to taking part in the Vans Warped Tour for the third time last summer and securing endorsements from Ernie Ball and Hart & Huntington, they hit the road on tours with Pennywise and Guttermouth.

The Darlings latest release, The New Escape melds the individual members' classic rock and alternative influences into a hearty dose of honest and pure, rock and roll that steers clear of trends and posturing. Stand out songs include "Let's Roll" "Hypnotize" "Untitled" and "Broken Heart Still Beating."

The New Escape was recorded by at Z Studios and Tao Creations in Los Angeles and was produced/recorded/mixed by Ed Faris. Guest musician's include Donnie Nemarnik of Tiger Army who plays pedal steel guitar on "Head Hunter" and Jayson Cruz of Strung Out who provides back up vocals on "Where Do We Go."
The Green
The Green
Four extraordinary talents, one scene-shaking reggae band.

That's The Green, four boys hailing from Hawaii who burst out last year with their self-titled debut album. Amazingly for a new band, the disc rocketed onto Billboard's 2010 Year-End Top 10 Reggae Chart, was honored as iTunes' Reggae Album of the Year, won Best Reggae Album at Hawaii's 2011 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, and has sold over 20,000 copies. Now the promise of The Green's youth-infused roots reggae revival is set to be fulfilled with their sophomore disc, Ways & Means, scheduled for an October 25, 2011 release on Easy Star Records, the pioneering indie reggae label.
Tonight Alive
Tonight Alive
Formed in 2008 and having played along side artists such as Mest, 3OH!3, Flatliners, Fireworks, Valenica, Lostprophets, The Blackout and The Wonder Years, these Sydney pop punkers have sold in excess of 20,000 copies of their debut and self-funded EP, 'All Shapes and Disguises' (released June 2010) solely in Australia and Japan.

November 2010 saw the release of their 3 track Vinyl EP 'Consider This' (also available on iTunes) and their national headline tour with Sienna Skies.

The band are currently in Los Angeles recording their debut album with Mark Trombino (Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, The Starting Line) before returning to Australia to hit the road again throughout February to support The Getaway Plan on their Australian tour. Already listed as one of the top 10 Aussie bands of all time on the legendary rock radio station KROQ in the US and reaching the #1 position on iTunes alternative charts and US Pure Volume charts,
the album will be released in mid 2011 with plans already underway for international release.
"Transit has been getting better and better ever since the release of their first EP, 2007's Let It Out. But no one could ever predict that their development would reach such a devastating pinnacle on Stay Home. The band's newest release, a six-song collection again recorded with New England hardcore super producer Jay Maas (Verse, Shipwreck), Stay Home is made up an absolutely mind-blowing first half and a second half that, while not quite as good, is still wholehearted, well-rounded and stupidly solid itself. "

"Not often does a band quell fears of mediocrity within seconds of an album's beginning, but Transit do just that on Stay Home's self-titled opener. Frenetic drum spanking and the lines, "So many days and nights of my life escape / It always fades away with time" create an instant spark. Talk about target marketing; there is perhaps no better way to describe the numbingly slow days of summer or spring break or whatever. Good things are sure to follow when a band can so succinctly lay their cards on the table."

"Sometimes you can almost immediately tell where a band comes from after hearing just a few songs. Such is the case with Boston quintet Transit: The band's brand of melodic post-hardcore could only come from the upper East Coast, and on This Will Not Define Us, they shred through the speakers with a sound that's straight out of 2002. Thankfully though, it's not too derivative; apparent influences aside, this is really damn good. Transit's tunes pack a satisfying mix of catchy hooks and raw emotional grit not far removed from the likes of Crime In Stereo, or a far ballsier Taking Back Sunday circa Tell All Your Friends." -Mammoth Press
Twin Atlantic
Twin Atlantic
When Glasgow's Twin Atlantic released their 2009 mini-album, Vivarium, it immediately found an awestruck audience. The reviews were uniformly ecstatic. Grand, sweeping and eloquent, it was a collection of songs with a heart and soul, crafted by passion and informed by staunch lyrical and musical frankness. It set Twin Atlantic on a rollercoaster – one that has led, now, to the release of their full debut, Free, on Red Bull Records, an inspiring collection of songs full of ambition, pain, belief and soul. In a world of music dominated by talent show winners, mass-marketed bands and meaningless music, here, finally, is a band in which to invest your heart.

Formed in 2007 in Glasgow, and infusing their music with their Scottish heritage, Twin Atlantic found themselves caught in a whirlwind in the months that followed Vivarium's release. Support slots with the great and the good – from blink-182 to My Chemical Romance and The Gaslight Anthem – followed tours the length and breadth of Britain, Europe and America. Interviews, photo-shoots, magazine articles and newspaper pieces amounted to a blur of excitement and hype. "We had three years where we've had this barrage of dream scenarios which we grasped with two hands," says frontman Sam McTrusty.

But, in the grasping, Twin Atlantic worried they had strayed from the ethos and ideals with which they had started their band. "We suddenly thought, 'What are we doing?'" adds McTrusty. In that moment of realisation, Twin Atlantic did what only the best bands do. They rediscovered their love for music and for pouring themselves, their feelings, fears, hopes and dreams into it. The results are their brilliant new album. "This band was meant to be based on integrity," says McTrusty. "We wanted there to be a brutal honesty in the lyrics. I think we've done that."

The quest to deliver authenticity in their music led them to the influential producer Gil Norton ("a fucking dude-and-a-half," according to guitarist and cellist Barry McKenna) with who they teamed up in the Red Bull Studios in Santa Monica, California at the end of 2010. "We really trusted that he could help us make an honest record because he's already achieved that with other bands like Pixies and Foo Fighters early in their careers. You can hear the genuineness in the bands he's worked with."

And with Norton, they set about crafting an exceptional album. "I was unbelievably excited to be working with Gil – he's been at the helm of a handful of my favourite records, including The Colour And The Shape which single-handedly made me decide that I needed to play in a band," says drummer Craig Kneale. "When we got in the studio with him, it was just a complete dream. We're so confident in each of the songs, and there must have been about 100 points in the studio where we would listen back to something and all get goosebumps."

And throughout, that all-important sincerity was there. "We can hold our heads high and say we did exactly what we wanted, and exactly how we wanted. At no point have we compromised as a band, as musicians or as people," says McKenna. "I think all great music has to be truthful and we have certainly achieved that, to one another and collectively outwards."

Free is an album of experiences. Having had their horizons broadened by touring the UK, Europe and America, McTrusty, in particular, spent time gazing from aeroplane and van windows fearing the world he was seeing was becoming a more uniform place. "We haven't written a political record," he says, "but there are issues in there like globalisation because that's something that freaks me out. Perhaps that's come from touring and feeling that everything sometimes seems the same."

It was a train of thought that unfurls masterfully throughout the record. "There are songs about how the media and big corporations manipulate and mould your opinions," he says. "You end up becoming a lesser version of yourself as a result." But if this is a record that takes a more worldly view than before, it is still one that remains steadfastly personal too – yet it's one that could be personal to all their fans. "Sam discusses a lot of issues not only personal to him, or even the four of us, but to the modern generation," says McKenna. "Many people will be able to relate to these songs, and hopefully they will." "Lyrically these are not my stories," adds bassist Ross McNae, "but I do feel more of an attachment to some of the messages within certain songs. I can personally associate more with the lyrical content of these songs."

Musically, too, they were ambitious. Forging on from Vivarium's expressiveness, Twin Atlantic wanted to make an album that was both vast and encompassing. "There are love songs and relationship songs, there are some with a party vibe, there are some that are weird, heavy and grungey pop songs," says McTrusty. Hence Free's stunning vision, one built on intricate songwriting aimed at the emotional core of its listeners. In each track, in each guitar line or beat, each lyric or phrase, it's an album in which the band's hearts beat and their souls shimmer. You can hear such personality in even the simplest things: the fact that McTrusty's Scottish accent shines through is just one. "Why," asks McTrusty, "would you tell a personal story in anyone else's voice but your own?"

But, most of all, the album has an emotional honesty that speaks straight from the heart. In all its twists and turns it embodies its creators. "I don't know if we could live with ourselves if we were to make a song that didn't have the four of us in the music," says McTrusty, before McKenna adds: "Personally the only thing I wanted to achieve from this whole process is an album the four of us could stand by and invest ourselves in. We have done that."

And it's because of music like this that the sense of expectation around Twin Atlantic is developing rapidly. This brilliant record, one of the most anticipated of the year, has been tipped by tastemakers and fans alike. If Vivarium left the band poised for greatness, 2011 will be the year in which they attain it.

"Music's been dumbed down and homogenised. There are lots of people who don't believe in it anymore. But we've made a record with substance," says McTrusty finally. "We're giving people something to believe in again.
Vampires Everywhere!
Vampires Everywhere!
Vampires Everywhere! ... This story is set in Los Angeles, Calif., circa 2009. The night hit the windows with the fervor of a tormented 6-year-old faced with the idea of sharing his prized, new gift.

It was probably seventy degrees outside, and yet the house was frozen. I was entertaining several murderous ideas that were swimming around my mind and my brain was certainly feeling the brunt of that strain. I attempted to clear my thoughts and focus on something that gave way to a crooked smile on my face. A smile I hadn't seen since my youth, compelled by our generation's explanation of our condition, set to sound: motion pictures. One feature, in particular, has haunted me since I was of age to pronounce blood: "The Lost Boys." Like the characters, I have also always considered myself lost and trapped within a world that only embraces its own. This movie embodies everything I stand for: anarchy, vampires, youth, love & revenge.

Since revenge fueled and fulfilled me, this movie fit like a glove and I began to drift off to a place comprised with everything that made me happy and pure. I was a step closer to discovering myself, my purpose. In order to bridge such a beautiful gap, I was forced out into creation to find those damned souls, like me, who found pieces of themselves in misery, loathing and self-destruction. My own coven of darkness.

These individuals embraced their potential insanity, and we found comfort in one another's uncertainty. The Los Angeles lost souls, Aaron Graves and Zak Night, brought their free spirits and aggressive musical style into my new coven. They created the background of sound that fueled the fire within me. J Killa, unfulfilled by Pittsburgh blood, joined my army, bringing his venomous keyboard tones and synth-driven vocals that proved to be the amplification our brotherhood needed. He provided the coveted pop I thirsted for in my destruction. Alex & David Hernandez completed the group during our brief stint in Florida. The blood brothers added the bass & percussion to complete the sound of Vampires Everywhere!

The crew was hungry with an insatiable thirst capable of destroying an unforgiving crowd. My vision of darkness had found completion in this group oh loving, hating, hungry and undeniably talented, loyal followers. The mood was now set for a revolution in music.
New England post-hardcore group Vanna have spent the last several years on a personal journey, and it's the experience of living on the road that has helped them to discover who they truly are. After years of relentless touring and musical growth, the band has found balance with A New Hope, both literally and figuratively.

Since the bands formation in 2004 Vanna – Chris Preece (vocals), Nick Lambert (guitar/vocals), Evan Pharmakis (guitar/vocals), Shawn Marquis (bass) and newcomer Chris Campbell (drums) – have built a strong following based on their killer live shows, which helped garner attention from Epitaph Records. The band signed with the label in 2005 and released their debut EP, The Search Party Never Came, the following year. With the EP's release came extensive touring until it was time to release their full length album, Curses, in 2007. Signaling growth sonically from the EP, Curses highlighted the band's metalcore side establishing them as one of the most interesting up-and-coming bands in the post-hardcore scene.

After almost two years of touring in support of Curses, the band returned to their roots and entered the studio with producer Steve Evetts (Every Time I Die, Story of the Year) to record A New Hope. With widening musical vision and hard-won experience under their belts, Vanna tackled the writing and recording of A New Hope with an added perspective and understanding.

"The writing and recording process naturally becomes more dialed and decisive with each record," explains Preece. "This record was approached with more of a group mentality. We talked a lot about what we liked and disliked about our last two releases, and each one of us were able to express ourselves in every step of the process."

"Steve Evetts was honestly just a great fit for us," adds Pharmakis. "For me personally it was great because I feel my relationship with the producer is important. If we mesh well it shows in the recording. The more comfortable you are the better you perform, the better you can concentrate and the better ideas you come up with as a team, as far as harmonies and melody ideas. And Steve was a great mentor. Chris Preece and I really meshed our lyric and vocal ideas together in a different way on this album and it worked out great. We definitely got to show a more melodic side on the record. I'd like to think this new record is like the perfect mix between our last two releases but with the sound we always wanted...and the skill it took time to earn."

The result of their collaborative efforts are twelve smartly written tracks that highlight the band's musical evolution, balancing the perfect fusion of emotive rock and perilous hardcore.

"Into Hell's Mouth We March," the first song released from A New Hope, rips the album open with the group's finest mix of melody and hardcore yet. While fans will appreciate Vanna's signature mix of weighty breakdowns and uplifting choruses, they'll also hear a progression in song-writing, gang vocals and more melodic singing from guitarist/vocalist Evan Pharmakis which makes for a much more accessible sound. Anthemic tracks like the first single "Safe To Say" and "We Are Nameless" bring the goosebumps, pushing with trashing guitars and pulling with captivating melody until you are chanting alongside the dueling vocalists.

"I feel like A New Hope is a fresh start," says Pharmakis. "This is exactly where we want to be, and I couldn't be happier with the direction of our music. This is Vanna, we are finally Vanna."

As Vanna looks forward with A New Hope, they continue down their unpredictable path of self discovery, continually growing and evolving with new purpose and A New Hope.
We The Kings
We The Kings
For pop-rock quartet We The Kings, it's all about staying connected – with each other, with their hometown roots, and especially with their fans. Named for hometown Bradenton, Florida's King Middle School where they first made music together, the band – Travis Clark (lead vocals, guitar), Hunter Thomsen (guitar, backing vocals), Drew Thomsen (bass) and Danny Duncan (drums) – has grown into one of the most engaging and exciting acts on the pop-rock circuit. Talent, ambition, and hard work have all played a part, but for We The Kings, nurturing the bonds between the band and their fans is what makes it all happen.
Their self-titled debut album hit #1 on Billboard's New Alternative Album sales chart and spawned the Billboard-charting tracks "Secret Valentine" and "Check Yes Juliet," which is nearing Platinum status.

Their music has been licensed for the CW, MTV, Rock Band, and more, and they were nominated for a 2008 mtvU College Radio Woodie Award. Appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and MTV's TRL and Spring Break 2008 have further boosted the band's visibility. Constantly on the road, in 2009 they headlined their own tours as well as the 2009 Vans Warped Tour.
Since Warped wrapped up, the band has been in the studio recording their sophomore disc, produced by S*A*M & Sluggo (Gym Class Heroes, Cobra Starship, Metro Station) which will be released December 8. The infectious first single, "Heaven Can Wait," is gaining nationwide airplay, climbing the Billboard Singles chart, and has already reached the Top 10 on the Alternative Singles chart.
The title of the new release, Smile Kid (S-Curve), sums up the band's attitude. As Clark explains, "we are all about living life as happy as possible, and when you seem down, just remember to Smile Kid :)" Infectious high spirits and camaraderie energize their on-the-road videos and live performances. The joy they take in being on stage is palpable at every show; having fun and sharing that feeling with the audience is what it's all about. "It's always been based on friendship," says Clark, "which is why I think we get along so well together and why we're able to tour eleven months out of the year without wanting to kill each other."
It was a surreal moment to cap off a year of surreal moments for Yellowcard. The Beastie Boys had just announced the winner of the MTV2 Award at the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards, and the band was having a difficult time processing what was happening. Violinist Sean Mackin didn't actually hear their name being called out. He only heard their wildly successful single and title track, "Ocean Avenue," being blared out across the American Airlines Arena in Miami. He turned to see their drummer, Longineu Parsons III, or LP, wide-eyed in disbelief before realizing that they'd better start making their way to the stage.

For singer and guitarist Ryan Key, the experience felt overwhelming, and more than a little pivotal. A year since the release of their major-label debut, Ocean Avenue, and five years since the band staked out from its Jacksonville, Florida hometown for Los Angeles, Yellowcard had grown (very quickly) into full-scale rock phenomenon. With three hit singles under their belts, sold-out tours across the globe and Ocean Avenue going on to sell 2.5 million copies worldwide, it felt like the closing of a very successful chapter.
You Me At Six
You Me At Six
Often abbreviated YMA6 or YM@6, You Me at Six are a pop/rock outfit that formed in Surrey, England, in 2005. They quickly released an EP at the time, entitled We Know What It's Like to Be Alone, but it would be their subsequent live work and recorded output after signing with Slam Dunk in 2007 that would earn the band quite a bit of success, including a nomination from Kerrang! for Best British Band in 2008. With a more "screamo" sound as their foundation, You Me at Six slowly built a buzz around themselves in 2006-2007, playing larger and larger venues and attracting the attention of the aforementioned Slam Dunk. Soon after the deal was done, YMA6 released their first album, Take Off Your Colours, in late 2008. The album would go on to crack the Top 25 on the U.K. album charts, and earn the band an opening slot for Fall Out Boy on that band's U.K. tour. ~ Chris True, All Music Guide
Trustfall is a surprisingly seasoned band founded by 19 year old twin brothers Max (vocals, bass) and Spencer Ernst (vocals, guitar) who have been writing songs since they were 5 years old and have been performing live since the age of 11. In 2008, Greg Mallick (drums) and Patrick Shine (guitar) joined the band. Hailing from Washington DC, the quartet has built a name through numerous performances at Washington, DC's 9:30 Club, Virginia's Jammin' Java, NYC's Mercury Lounge, Baltimore's Rams Head Live, and other elite venues up and down the East Coast.
Venue Information:
Xfinity Center
885 S Main St
Mansfield, MA, 02048